Rain water harvesting Systems

In the present situation management and dissemination of water has turned out to be concentrated. Individuals rely upon government system, which has brought about disturbance of community participation in water management and collapse of traditional water harvesting system.

The term rainwater harvesting is being frequently used nowadays, but, the idea of water harvesting isn't new for India. Water harvesting techniques had been advanced and created hundreds of years ago. Ground water asset gets normally revived through percolation. However, because of unpredictable development and fast urbanization, uncovered surface for soil has been decreased substantially with resultant decrease in percolation of rain water, in this manner draining ground water resource.

Rainwater harvesting is the method increasing the characteristic filtration of water in to the underground development by some simulated techniques. 

One of the most frequently asked question is why one should harvest rainwater. There are many reasons but some of the important ones are

 1. To arrest ground water decline and augment ground water table

 2. To beneficiate water quality in aquifers

 3. To conserve surface water runoff during monsoon

 4. To reduce soil erosion

 5. To inculcate a culture of water conservation

Comprehensively there are two methods for harvesting rainwater. They are surface runoff harvesting and roof top rainwater harvesting. In urban region water streams away as surface runoff. Roof top water harvesting is an arrangement of getting water where it falls. In roof top rainwater harvesting, the rooftop turns into the catchments, and the water is gathered from the top of the house/building. It can either be put away in a tank or redirected to an artificial recharge system. This technique is more affordable and exceptionally successful and if executed properly helps in increasing the ground water level of the zone.

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